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Welcome to Seahorse Consulting

An Executive search & HR Consulting firm


•Everyone runs a race, only three get medals.

–Those who strive to get results; for us they are a VIBRANT WORKFORCE

•Many mountaineers go to Himalayas, only few make it to Everest

–Those who scale Everest are a VIBRANT WORKFORCE

•Many players are in the sports , but very few make records.

–Those who make records; for us they are a VIBRANT WORKFORCE

Our Sourcing experts are highly skilled at discovering the best Active and Passive talent across Industry. Our Recruiters work with you as an extension of your company, promote your brand, Convey your companys objectives and all the necessary details to ensure a great fit.

We do Applicant screening, Behavioural Interview,shortlisting and conduct background checks.

We also do end to end hiring. i.e Conduct technical interviews , send offer letters, do follow ups till the candidate is on board.

Seahorse BB Consulting  is very focused and very assertive in their approach, they knows what is required from their candidate and  is very dedicated

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Srinivas Vellarkad

SR VP sales

Seahorse Consulting, formerly Niche Conulting  have a bunch of outstanding recruiters with a passion to simply deliver the best talent. Their strength lies in market intelligence and tapping passive talent to scout for opportunities. Simply loved working with them. 
Wishing them good luck always.

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Mahendra Lakshmikanth

HRBP at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I remember Sunanda is a person with a never give up attitude. She is 
energetic, optimistic and committed to her deadline. 
Her confidence and enthusiasm make her a pleasure to work with and an excellent team member.

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Pratap Mahapatra

Director of Engineering at GetInsured

SeaHorse BB Consulting formerly called Niche Consulting was supporting our staffing requirements while I was in Staffing function at MphasiS. They always came across as diligent, responsive to business needs. If I go back in memory to our association 5-6 years back one thing that stands out even today  is their can-do-attitude, always trying to meet and exceed expectations

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Murali Mehrwade

Senior manager HR

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